Rename Plug-ins.

Having “FabFilter Pr…” in the MixConsole for 5 different plugins is unhelpful.

So now the request evolves. Not only do we want to rename the master name, to fix the … by default. We want to rename separate instances in the mixer.

Lets hope we see this in 5 months time.

I am not against being able to rename the individual instances, but I am much more interested in the ability to have a default alias. I would definitely take the time to rename all my plugins in the Plugin Manager but I doubt I would take the time to rename specific instances all that often.

Don’t get me wrong, if it is something that Steinberg could code fairly easily, it would be a nice option to have. However, if this added functionality would hold up the development on a new default alias feature, I would have to say that renaming specific instances isn’t a top priority for me personally.

not the first thing I would like to see in Cubase, but it’s an ok idea, I’d rather want to have an opportunity move plugins to different sub-directories, is it possible?

Not in the Default plugin directory. However, if you open the plugin manager and create a new plugin directory (best to use ‘Make copy of Default’ to modify) then you can edit that however you wish. Create new folders, sub-folders, and name them whatever you please.

I completely agree. I doubt I would rename individuals but the default alias is paramount.

You must be new to Cubase and not realised yet why it’s got to be 1 of the main issues and annoyance.

Yes… That’s already there, Plug in Manager. This is where we hope to see the ability to add a default alias. Now when we look at all those inserts on a busy project, we can see which plug in is which. It’s no good when things are shown as Ozone…er, etc. How many effects end with, er. We’ve complained about whoever changed it to this for a long time now, it was a stupid idea. If you’re only using Cubase Stock it’s not an issue.

Wow, I was a little surprised this feature didn’t rank higher in the recent feature request poll. I still hope we see this happen in the future.


I’ve upgraded plugins or reinstalled plugins before and had their name change. Then you get a plugin not found message on older projects when the plugin has just changed name. It happened with Poise. It used to say Steinberg as the manufacturer name then they changed it/fixed it in an update to say their name but it stopped working in older project versions. There should be a way to tell Cubase it’s the same plugin. I just stopped using the plugin eventually.

Also VST3 versions of plugins sometimes have a different name to VST2 versions and Cubase doesn’t know it’s the same plugin so you’re forced to keep both versions of your computer to open older sessions which is annoying because sometimes you accidentally open the vst2 version by mistake instead of the vst3 version.

If you only occasionally need the VST 2 version you can hide them manually in the plug-in manager. Highlight the plugin and go down to the Plugin Information section and check the ‘Hide’ box. You can then just uncheck the box when you need that version.


Thanks for the tip. Do you know if previous sessions that use the now hidden plugins still be able to load them while they are hidden?

Not sure. You could try it with just one to see.



It’s probably a bit much to expect Steinberg to fix a plugin developer’s stupidity :slight_smile:.

It’s not just one developer though and there is no fix for the problem with backwards compatibility of projects. Even if it’s not able to be done in Cubase, there should be a way to do it. Doing it in Cubase though could be like a HTML redirect. The new name exists but the old name redirects to the new name.

Why is Kontakt 6 called “Kontakt” and Kontakt 5 called “Kontakt 5”…

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Maybe ask NI?


So… maybe for Cubase 11, please?

Yeah, we really need this, plugin developers don’t really seem to shorten their plugin names, and the longer they are the more gets cut away from the name…
And having aliases you could use letter/number codes to make the plugin selection even faster when choosing plugins from the list.