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I guess I’ll +1 too :smiley:

Also, being able to change the category of a plugin would be very welcome (a lot of them come only with the attribute “fx” without mentioning whether it’s an EQ, a compressor, or whatever)

Actually, Cubase recognizes VST2 and VST3 as different plugins, because they use a different plugin ID. I choose to hide one instance in the Plugin Manager (as suggested earlier), because of the different plugin ID you won`t be able to load a preset made in the VST2 into VST and vice versa.

By the way,

you can rename plugins you are using in your proyect with double-click in the VST Instrument Window (F11 or Right Zone). That way the custom name will appear in the first line, and the used plugin in the second.
I realize, this is not what many people mean here by “Renaming plugins”, but at least we have this before mentioned functionality inside a proyect.

All the best.

Vote from me. Plugin renaming/aliasing would make it so much more easy to differentiate plugin in the mixer, even more so as Cubase switched from the surprisingly helpful method of shortening names by subsequently removing vowels and extra characters to the completely useless method of adding an ellipsis ("…") which doesn’t help at all.
I mean, what plugins are these?
cubase mixer bluecat

Those are clearly Blue Caor and Blue Cati

In theory it would be nice to be able to resize the inspector altogether rather than use the small space to do anything (this is also valid when you edit markers on the fly in the inspector).

In any case if you want people to vote you should make your own post because the vote is on top of each post so yeah, I vote for you but you must put me in the condition to do it by making a new post :slight_smile:

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You’re right, although plugin aliases could fix this, it is actually a different problem that should be fixed at the source.

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+1 renaming in vst manager won’t help a host plugin like Nebula 4 where you load all types of eqs/comps etc. and they all say N4 in the project-need to rename insert slot. Studio One and Bitwig both do it. Hopefully this will get love soon

This works brilliantly! Thanks
To think that this functionality is not baked into the VST Manager, is quite shocking!
If not this Steinberg, give us at least the ability to widen the Channel Inspector on the left…

does this work on v11.0.30 ??

Yes, it does

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yes,if I already have it done and it works in the lists. but the plugin is still named as the default in the inserts. What is the file to modify for this?

EDIT! i found That archive!!! COOL!!!

any recommendation not to lose these names? The Vst3 plugins have to be renamed too, when they are updated they have to be renamed again, right?

No idea… Probably

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I guess too

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