Rename sampler tracks in Drum Map?

I’ve been trying to enjoy using the drum map. I have different drum samples in different sampler tracks. The tracks are named in the project, but in the drum map, they all just say “01. Sampler Track - MIDI”. How do I give them different names so I can more quickly get things mapped correctly? Thanks.

Anyone have any idea on this?

you need to rename instrument in project window
not in drum map

These are sampler tracks-not instrument tracks. And as I mentioned, they already have unique track names in the project.

i’m sure you miss something

Very strange. That is my exact situation. Track is named, but all the sampler tracks are just keeping that same sampler name. I’m glad it’s working for you! Now to figure out why it’s not doing it for me…

I make it in empty project, try in your side same.
i have no idea why, but, maybe because i’m on Windows, you on Mac, right?