Rename VST Instruments

Hey Guys

I am using Cubase v5.5 and want to know a couple of things

1: How can I change the name of certain installed VST instrument plugins displayed in Cubase, so they are the name I choose and not the default installed name.

2: Can I move VST Instruments that sit in sub folders into the root folder

I would appreciate any help

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#1. The last time I tried it with Vst 2’ you could . Just to be safe copy the dll somewhere else on your computer and rename the one in your Steinberg folder

#2. Yes as long as long as Cubase knows where the path is via plugin setting your good to go.

Yes, you can definately rename VST2 plug ins, make sure you leave the extension .dll intact. This does not work with VST3 plug in’s, the displayed name is not taken from the file name.

But what we REALLY need, is to able to rename the VSTi’s within Cubase, if you have say 5 instances of Kontakt, VSL Play or whatever, all instances show the same name, and it is impossible to tell which plug in relates to which sound.
So please Steinberg, we need to be able to name the plug in’s…

Yes, renaming VST instruments would be very, very helpful/useful.

Managing large projects with tons of VSTi’s is getting confusing. Several instances of FM8, several instances of HSO, several instance of HALion, which one is doing what ? Anyway, it would be nice to be able to name and/or color code them somehow.



+1 here also



Definitely. I think people have been asking for this for quite a while. I’ve been fighting with this since VST5. But when going to the VST instrument rack to select an instrument and seeing:


It’s kind of hard to know which one is the lead synth, which is the bass, etc.

Hey Guys

I came across a plugin export feature in Cubase 5 which basically exported all the details of my installed Plug-Ins to an XML file.

It got me thinking, so I decided to do a scan of all files on my HD that contained the word VST*.xml. It found four files. I looked at each file and found this one Vst2xPlugins.xmlwhich contains all the installed Plug-In data if you edit it.

My file path for this file was as follows C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 5

The file contains entries like the following for my Albino plugin


**** _ \ \ I am wondering what will happen if I rename the **_** to something else? Not that Albino would need changing in reality.

I would try it now but I am rebuilding my computer and dont want to screw anything up untill I have taken an image.

What do you all think about the possibility?

ok so I thought I would just bite the bullet and give it a whirl.

I edited my Rob Papen Blue Plugin as the name of the plugin within cubase was something like Blue_1.01 which looks hideous in Cubase. I renamed the entry to Rob Papen - Blue and saved the file.

I fired up cubase and proceeded to load up the Blue Plugin, initially when you click to add a virtual instrument plugin you see the Blue plugin as Blue - Rob Papen - Blue it looks like its added an extra Blue at the begining.

However when you load the virtual instrument the midi track created, the actual loaded plugin name and all other associated name to the plugin is Rob Papen - Blue Sweet!!! and it plays fine.

Looking at the xml file the *.dll location stays the same just the display name is changed and without having to change the actual *.dll file.

Well, it might contravene the licencing agreement - but, hey, cool, how about duplicating that entry and having Blue1 and Blue2 both pointing to the same dll file? Then we could have two with different names…


+1 It’s much needed, especially (as mentioned) when you have several+ instances of 1 plugin.

Also trying to read the name of the plugin is difficult in a limited dialogue box :frowning:

My suggestion would be the colour coding of the channel corresponding to the plugin instance. That in itself would be of great benefit.



Just a point, when you type in code there is a “Code” button on the top, similar to quoting, it makes it (codepiece) easier to read and understand and is great stinberg put it in.


<?xml version ="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>