Renamed and missing VST

When I open older projects it says my Arturia Jupiter8 is missing. In the Plug In Information panel it shows this vst two times. One in the right folder (Steinberg/Cubase 5/VST Plugins and one in Steinberg/Cubase 5.
I can select the first one (in other words create a new instrument track with the J8) but it starts with the default preset instead of the saved preset (saved within the project that is).
The strange thing is that in the Plug In Information Panel it says the filename of the J8 that will not load is ‘‘Cubase 5.exe’’ while the other one (which will load) has the right Jupiter.dll name

I have already tried moving the dll, updating the list, adding the Steinberg/Cubase 5 path but that does not work.
I’m using a I7 PC with Windows 7 and Cubase 5.5.3

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Nobody?? :frowning: