Renamed Instrument Names in Endpoint Setup

It would be nice if when you rename an instrument in Setup mode, the new name shows up in the Endpoint Setup dialog under ‘Assigned Instruments’. I am setting up an orchestral woodwind patch which has woodwind spread across the whole keyboard. I want to use a grand staff for this and so I created a piano instrument - I then change the name to ‘Woodwind Ensemble’ and assign to it the vst that generates that patch. In the endpoint setup however, the assigned instrument still says ‘Piano’ instead of ‘Woodwind Ensemble’. This is a little confusing if you create several such custom instruments. Is this something that will change soon or is there a work around? I don’t really want to start editing the instrument xml file.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Yes, it should be possible for us to use the full name you can edit in the Edit Names dialog; at the moment it uses the name that appears in the instrument picker, which you cannot edit.

Any way (yet) to substitute Group Name (token) for individual staff names on layouts/Master Pages?

That doesn’t seem at all related to Andy’s question, Derrek. And I’m not even sure what you’re asking for. You want a token for the player group name?

Right. I was trying to solve Andy’s problem by grouping two woodwind staves rather than using a piano grand staff to see if by assigning different voices I could put the several woodwind sounds onto the two staves. Of course each voice would need its own endpoint in the expression map, so it probably would not completely solve Andy’s situation.

I imagined he was trying to set up a sketch score.

Derrek, you are correct…I am setting up a sketch score. I seem to remember reading a post about creating custom instruments a while back…I’m not sure whether that feature will be in the next update, but it would certainly solve this issue. I remember Daniel answering the other post, but I can’t recall the answer and I can’t locate that post. Here’s hoping!..
Thank you, Best Wishes, Andy