Renamed projects, folders are now empty

Hi all,

As it states, I renamed some of my projects and/or project folders and now when I load those projects, even though the Cubase project file exists, it opens up the project folder and there is only a “Tracks” folder or that and an “Audio” folder, both of which are blank. I’m not sure what happened but I’m looking at dozens and dozens of hours of work gone if I can’t figure it out. Yikes.

you need to open your original project in Cubase

go to file -> Back up project

point to your new folder destination

that is the way to go when you are moving a project. from what I understand you have renamed folders etc but still the audio is empty? then most likely the files are in the default project path of Cubase

or at some point when you open your projects, Cubase asks for missing files I would assume? Then search your computer for them, get all files back in the project and then try the backup project to keep everything organized