Renaming a track in cubasis

Sorry if this is obvious, but I cannot rename a track once it is created. When I choose an instrument the track is called so, but when I change the instrument, it stays, which makes it quite confusing. All the info I found on the web is for cubase only…


You can change the name of the track or instrument in the upper left corner and the name of the MIDI or audio sample in the lower left corner by double tapping the sample.

It would definitely be appreciated if the name of the track could change if/when changing instruments.

Thanks a lot!

Why? In no other DAW you can do that and this is not useful. This would mess up your arrangement, if all your precisely named tracks would all instantaneously change their name, when you change your instrument.

Because sometimes that’s the way I want it. All synth tracks for example, aren’t custom named, just need to see the instrument name. Hope that satisifies your curiosity. As to “no other DAW can do that”, Cubasis 2 does. I’ve been doing this for a long time, but thanks so much for your question.