Renaming and Exporting Samples

Not sure if I am missing something , I have used the “search Rename” function to rename all samples , but when I export the patch (including the samples) they are re saved with the old name ?

Check your export settings. When you renamed the samples you probably renamed the sample zones and not the sample files. I doubt you can rename the files from Halion using the search and rename function.

When exporting use the zone name instead of sample filename.

I can’t find ands option to use zone or Sample name ?

see below HALIon found the word Pizz and replaced with Spicc for all Layers and renames the samples inside HALion , but after Exporting they have the old name still

You can rename the samples when you export the samples.

It is a bit unintuitive though. If you select the program in program tree and right click it - then choose Import/Export from the menu but instead of selecting Export VST3 Preset select Export Samples. You should get a dialogue like this:

This lets you export both the preset and the renamed samples.

Thanks Misohoza , this does work , but you have to name the sample again at that point which doesn’t work with 1000s samples in a complex RR programs.

I want to Search / rename function and then export the newly named samples , which I don’t seem to be able to do , I really don’t understand why Search / rename is there is you cant export the new named samples