Renaming audio events not possible Cubase 12

I’m re-arranging an old song and after free warping some files I want to rename them.
I’m double clicking in left corner, rename and hit enter.

Next message keeps coming.

What am I doing wrong?



Why do you want to rename the file (to change the file name on the disk)? You can change the name in Cubase workout changing the file name. Do so in the name field in the Info line, please.

Hi Martin,
I want to rename the audio event I just ‘free-warped’ so I have a event with and without the warp edits.
Changing the name in de ‘file-name’ in info line comes up with the meesage ‘Could not rename the file’ ?

File refers to the audio file name. If you change the description field…

…it changes the event’s name.

Your audio file could be write protected, user-right protected (maybe you need administrator privilges to change it) or just be blocked from access by Cubase or another app.
If you really want to change the file name on the hard drive and not just the event name, you can try to do that in the Pool by double-clicking its name.

Not shure why, but in more recent files it’s possible to both change the file name and also the description. Latest files where created withing Cubase 12 Pro, the ‘corrupted’ within CB11 Artist.
So what I wanted is working.

By the way, after reading youre answer I tried to understand the file naming schedule.
So file refers tot the track name added with a ‘recording’ number. Each time you press record and actually record something the recording = + 1
The description gets the ‘take-nr’ when recording several lanes.

Well thanks!

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