Renaming clips...get error message


Never have seen this before.

Trying to rename a version of a clip by renaming it in the Info Line, but get an error saying Cubase could not rename file.

Any idea why this is?


Make sure you are trying to rename the description—not the filename. Sounds like you’re trying to name the file and the name is already in use in the Pool.

I’m only wanting to rename the specific clip/event (ie change from BgVox 2(3) to CMaj6sus).
Was doing it in the Info line…where else can I just rename the specific clip?



Okay, so putting the Event inside a Part makes it renameable…but I can’t edit it anymore because it’s a Part…disolving the Part loses the new name…

same issue here:

when I select an audio clip then I click ctrl + B, the open the browse project, there I can re name “NAME” and sometimes “FILE” but with some audio clips im not able to do that, is there some solution?


im using 9.5