Renaming Events (audio)

Today I have come across a really odd behaviour. I have recorded a bass line onto a track I started a few days ago and have split it into individual events. The problem is that any attempt to change the name of one event changes the names of all of the others to the same value. I have read elsewhere that there is a preference option to make all the event names the same, but I can’t find it in my preferences list - I’ve looked through it twice, but it is possible that I have missed it. On the other hand, this is the first time I have come across this behaviour. The guitar track I recorded yesterday has renamed the split events OK, as have the MIDI instrument recordings I added today too. It’s just the bass line for some reason. Also, moving an event to another audio track and then renaming that changes the names of the events that haven’t been moved as well, the ones that were part of the original track.

Aha! I thought, the track must have recorded as a part, not separate events, but the ‘dissolve part’ option is greyed out in the audio menu, so it’s not that.

I’m a bit perplexed!

Any ideas on how to get around this issue gratefully received.

If you duplicate tracks then they all share the same properties, for example, renaming (they all rename the same) or deleting a note (that note deletes on all). I actually get round this by highlighting the copied event, pressing and holding Ctrl K and then selecting Repeat Event. A repeat Event will give you a copied event that you can edit individually to the original. There are tons of ways of doing this kind of thing but I find the Ctrl K key command to be very useful.

Hope this helps.

When you rename an “Event” you are renaming the actual audio file.
I would recommend two options:

  • Put the recording into a “Part” (Audio Menu, Events to Part).
    You can then cut the Part up and rename each chunk individually. You can also duplicate the new Parts and rename each one f you want. The actual recording contained in the Part, however will still have it’s original name.

  • Bounce selection (Audio Menu).
    If you Bounce an Event you will create an new autonomous event which can be renamed or treated any way you want without affecting the original. The downside to this is that it’s more of a commitment for obvious reasons and creates more audio files to keep track of.

Thanks stevont, that worked perfectly. What’s puzzling me is that I have not had to do this before: splitting the guitar part, for example, I was able to rename each event independently without having to go through this step*

*Actually my bad - I had several takes at the guitar part, and events split from the same take did indeed rename identically.