Renaming events.

Me again with a probably a dumb question that I cannot find the answer to in the pdf manual. Now that I have an UR22 my previous problems with recording have gone away, which is nice.

I am slowly working my way though the manual, which I find appallingly written. How to duplicate events, for example does not appear until page 63, and descriptions of audio tracks not until page 58.

Anyway, today’s question is how do I rename an audio or midi event? The manual says “By default, audio events show the name of their clip, but you can enter a separate descriptive name for separate events if you like. This is done by selecting the event and typing in a new name in the “Description” field on the info line.”

The problem is I don’t know where the info line is or what it looks like. Apparently it’s below the status line. I’m not sure that is either. The manual illustrations are very unhelpful, showing only a bit of the screen and referring to the location of various parts by referencing their position relative to another part. It’s like playing sudoku in the dark. Does anyone have a screenshot of the project home page with labels showing where all the various elements can be found?

I’m running a trial of Reaper at the moment, and the manual for that is a work of stunning clarity compared to the Cubase one.

Top left of the arrange window in the toolbar is an icon with 3 boxes. This is where you switch on or off the info line, status line Inspector and overview…you may well have it switched to be hidden.

Page 40 of the manual has an overview of the arrange page that shows what it looks like.

Thank you very much for that. I’ve found it now.

The screen basic view is on page 28 of my version of the manual, I managed to miss it. I’m probably having so much difficulty because it works in such a different way to, for example, non linear video editors. I’m still trying to find a keyboard shortcut to got to zero. The one listed under keyboard commands “.” just makes a beep and 'Shift+B" makes the virtual keyboard flash. In either case the cursor stays exactly where it was.

I’ll keep on it!

Hi there Hinfrance

The return to zero shortcut is there, do a search in the Key commands window, it is worth spending some time with the KB shortcuts, particularly setting up your own (I have the 0 Ins key setup for return to zero)you can create macro’s as well which can do some good stuff!! Just BTW if you have the Virtual Keyboard on it overrides the KB commands, but you can set a KB command to enable and disable the virtual Keyboard

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All the transport key commands are in the numpad (the box of numbers on the right of a full sized keyboard).
The configuration is very intuitive once you’ve used it a few times and personally indispensable, check it out.

If you are on a short keyboard (lap-top size?) the numpad will be accessible from the function button and the numpad icons will be printed in small type next on other key, (yes I’m even confusing myself! try reading this with your left foot in the air that might help, sure is helping me type).
If this is the case you can get an external numpad (wireless is awesome as you can control transport from anywhere in the room (ie whilst seated at drumkit). Hit * to record 0 to stop 1 to go to Left locator etc etc Gold!

Shush! SB wants you to buy their new USB hardware (which would have been a lot more useful if they showed the current time position in big numerals).