Renaming Existing Project

Hi everybody

Let’s assume I’ve created a project just to jam on it and in the end I’ve managed to create something useful. In the meantime I’ve created a test folder and a fake projext name that I want to change.
Is there a way to rename the project and the folder within cubase?

P.s. basically once I save a project cubase creates a folder named “no-title-01” “no title-02” and so on. How can I rename and organize these folders?

Thank you

I simply rename the folder. Cubase seems to know, it doesn’t lose routings for samples, stems etc. Double check though.

You can also prepare an archive for the project (edit: back up project as defined below) which will create new folder, a cleaner one, deleting unused parts etc. Name the folder then, delete the old one. I’m not sure if it deletes unused media, I always do this manually in the pool.

I use the (possibly poorly named) Back-up Project menu item for this task. I always start in a NewSongs Folder then when something turns into an idea I want to keep it takes all the required files and turns them into a new project folder.

This is 100% best practice

I’ve noticed when I drag in my own loops I receive a pop up asking if I’d like to copy the audio file to the project folder. However if I drag in a Steinberg loop I don’t receive a pop up and if I do not bounce that file it does not copy the file to the project folder.

Is this the same for everyone?