Renaming files, results in "Resolve Missing Files"

I go to the upper right corner Info Line, rename where it says “file,” and press enter. Now it shows the new file name on my event. It shows the new file name in the pool and points to the location on the drive with the new file name. And it indeed shows the new file name inside the “audio” folder when browsing with OSX Finder (methodical organization of the actual files is the goal). All good, one would think.

Yet when quitting and reopening, I am greeted with “resolve missing files.” Why?

It works for me. Did you forget to save the project after renaming it? Then it’s no wonder that Nuendo can’t find the file.

By the way, from memory, it seems like this untrustworthy renaming (which might result in your whole project being ruined next time you open it) has been a thing for so many years, but it is seemingly random.

Yesterday I tried “bounce audio” and then renamed everything. In this use, there is no issue. So, if I had to guess, I would say it is probably something to do with the ‘event’ container (I cannot remember all of Steinberg’s technical names) not actually being the same as the underlying audio file, and the two “coming unglued” and Nuendo getting confused. It is perhaps even intended behavior!? However, if so, I would say it is not good engineering design to allow users to rename “files” by clicking on an “event,” seemingly like everything is okay, only to learn later upon reopening (perhaps months later) that it was not in fact okay.