Renaming folders

I have a folder called “projects” on my external hard drive.

When I start a new projekt, I choose that folder and create a new folder inside that folder, naming it for example “song 1”. If I would rename the first folder (called “projects”) to “test projects”, would there be any problems for cubase to find the audio files etc for the projects inside? Or is the only thing that matters that I don’t rename the project folder (song 1)?


Cubase will not find song 1 if you rename the Projects folder. You will have to direct Cubase to the cpr file in song 1 and the save for it to remember next time. I just name my folder Music so as not to get confused. Which I did from the start. When I first started it took me a while to get my head around the folder architecture.

Are you creating the projects in the Project Assistant, choosing a Template in More - preferable one you have created - choosing the project folder and naming the Project Folder?