Renaming Labels in the Midi Remote

After a new build and everything running great in 52 ,ive been waiting for a Usb card to run my controllers ,so today , i plugged in my Beatsteps (which is perfect )for my control room settings and as i expected , IT’S BROKEN , Generic remote does NOT recognise the saved templates for all my controllers so ,now ,today im forced to spend time and rebuild my Control room with this LEGO kit .

I can see this is going to be supper intuitive once setup BUT it’s the time and the annoying thing is you have to search for just to get back to some sort of work template .

Is there away to re-name the label fields to the specific name you want instead of being stuck with ‘VST’ for’ Listen Dim level ’ . Not exactly helpful . Key commands , yes , they label the pads perfectly but not certain tings .
Is it possible .
I appreciate your help , i will be sharing the multi paged , multi paramater bank ,track QC template , now ive started it’s goes to be one hell of a controller