Renaming Midi Regions with Macro/Project Logical Editor


So I understand you can change a midi region name to the track name by editing the track name and holding shift + enter and then all the midi regions on that track will be changed to the midi track name. This is great!

However, I’m wondering if you can setup a macro or something in the Project Logical Editor to do this to every midi track since going through hundreds of midi tracks could be alot of minutes lol.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this if this can be done? :smiley:


I’m afraid this is not possible in Cubase. You cannot store variable (like the track name) to the Logical Editor.

The only one way I could imagine is to use some 3rd software for making Macros.

Hi DMD Composer,

I would do it this way…


  1. Open the PLE (Project Logical Editor)

  2. Decide what you wanna filter:

(‘Container Type is’ ‘Equal’ ‘Part’ And
‘Media Type is’ ‘Equal’ ‘MIDI’ And
‘Property’ ‘Property is set’ ‘Event is selected’)

  1. Set an Action Target:

e.g. ‘Name’ ‘Replace’ ‘Hello World’

of course, this script only works correctly, if the midi parts are selected beforehand.

On the other hand, I would just select the midi parts that I wish to rename and type in a new name in the Info Line. It all depends on what you wanna do with PLE-scripts…