Renaming ossia staves

How does one name an ossia staff to look like a regular staff?

Hi @Vaughan_Schlepp, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Can you explain what you’re seeing and what you actually want?

I have a piece with over 100 flows and only one movement has three bassoons. Instead of adding two more bassoon players and having to remove them both from over 100 flows, a very tedious and time-consuming task, I’d rather add two ossia staves for that one movement and name them Bassoons 2 and 3.

Just checking you know that you can select the flows first, and then untick the players – you don’t have to select the players then untick each flow?

…and if you create the player then hit Escape, then unassign it from the relevant flows, then hand the player a bassoon, it won’t have any effect on any existing layout work that exists in the solo bassoon flows. (It really does need to be that specific order, though.)

That’s the way I’ve been doing it: selecting a flow and unticking the player, but unticking a player in a document with more than 100 flows takes a long time for Dorico to process.

Lillie’s point was that you could click the first flow, shift-click the last flow and then untick the player once. This may indeed be slow, but it’s only three clicks.

(Ok, maybe it’s six or seven if you include reassigning the player to the one flow to which it needs to be assigned, but it should be considerably quicker than faffing around with ossia staves.)

This particular assignment is rather complicated and it was difficult at the outset to determine the best course of action to accomplish everything necessary. Often, certain insights occurred after having completed a sizeable portion of the piece, meaning changing one’s approach. I was just wondering if ossia staves could solve some local problems without having to involve the entire document.

Divisi may be an option as long as the Player doesn’t double.

The first question is ‘how do you want the parts?’ Are the 2nd and 3rd bassoons are going to play with the 1st in the other (99) flows, or are they going to be tacet?