renaming players doesn't show on full score

When I rename a player it shows in page view on the respective parts, but NOT on the score.
Intentional? If so, why? If not, can it be achieved so that it DOES show the way I want it to?

There are several places to change Player/Instrument names, and the different places affect where those names appear.

Thanks, in the meantime …searched … and (finally) found it: “If you click the little disclosure arrow to the left of the Player name, it opens the Player card to show all of the instruments that player is holding. Now when you hover over the actual instrument and click the arrow that appears you have the option of editing the names of the instrument that display in the score.”

Yes, but the Layout Name (double-click the name of the Layout/Part) is what shows up in the top left corner of the Layout/Instrumental part.

OK, got it.
OT question - just curious - how do you do these screenshots with graphic outlines and annotations?

This screenshot is SO brilliant ! It took me so much time to really understand that, I wish I had seen that two months ago :wink:

On a Windows machine ALT-PrtScn copies a screenshot of the top window into the clipboard. I then paste that into Paint (a program/utility included with Windows) and add graphics, text, and often additional images overlaid and crop everything.

Mac’s have similar utilities, but I’ve only used the process once or twice on a Mac, so I forget what they are.

(Paint is not the most sophistcated graphics program I have; I use it because it is the simplest one that fills the need.)

Marc, thank you. I’m not sure I knew enough to create this two months ago, since I learned what I demonstrated by monitoring posts here on the forum.