renaming problem / Render in place related

refering to this topic :

Now confirm this bug and post it to the issue forum

after render in place, if you make a copy of the rendered file,

naming will be linked even if “convert to real copy” is applied to the copied file before renaming

if i do the same with a file either importing from mediabay or recorded in the project
copy selected file > Process : reverse > rename xxxxxxx-reversed

bounce can do the trick BUT it just doesn’t keep the naming scheme !!

for exemple i am rendering sound fx made with a synth so my naming is
Synth name - preset name - version of preset (=number 03 for exemple) - variation (cubase number increments fits here 07 for exemple)
so for exemple : Synth name - flngeFXwoosh - 03 - VAR 07

when i bounce the reversed copy of the file name ends up
Synth name - ® 01

this is a WORKFLOW KILLER :confused: