renaming problem / Render in place related


i have a audio file (foley recording of percussion noise recorded in abandonned factory)
i cutted the parts i want / and sorted them

then i make a copy of all the bits on the same track (select+alt+move)
and apply Process > reverse

so i want now to render in place the two sets of sound (normal and reversed)
so i can go and grab them in the audio folder and add them to my sound bank

But when i try to rename the reversed one, the name also change in the non reversed audio files…

i used to use “Fonction > convert to real” copy in C5
but it doesn’t work…

How can i tell cubase that the processed copy of the files are now different files ?

You can highlight the reversed versions and then Bounce Selection under the Audio tab, then replace in Project. This will create new audio version rather than play the existing audio backwards.

Convert to real copy should work on whatever events are selected in the project window.
Obviously you have to do this before you do the reverse process.

So i can now confirm this bug and post it to the issue forum

after render in place, if you make a copy of the rendered file,

naming will be linked even if “convert to real copy” is applied to the copied file before renaming

if i do the same with a file either importing from mediabay or recorded in the project
copy selected file > Process : reverse > rename xxxxxxx-reversed

THANKS Parrot spain for remind me to bounce BUT it just doesn’t keep the naming scheme !!

for exemple i am rendering sound fx made with a synth so my naming is
Synth name - preset name - version of preset (=number 03 for exemple) - variation (cubase number increments fits here 07 for exemple)
so for exemple : Synth name - flngeFXwoosh - 03 - VAR 07

when i bounce the reversed copy of the file name ends up
Synth name - ® 01


Any thoughts ??