renaming Quick Control automatable parameters lost on reopening project

I have several automatable parameters set up as quick controls. I decided to double-click on one of them and rename to something much shorter and readable and then saved my Cubase 10 project.
On re-opening the same project I notice that the original name has returned and no sign of my renaming.

is this a bug or am I missing something? surely if one double-clicks on something and it allows you to edit the name double-clicked on , then saving project should mean that on reopening same project all naming actions are recalled too ?

Working here. Have you eliminated corrupt prefs as the cause?

If so, give all specific details, type of track, what param, what plug, etc. All the basic info one would need to do some troubleshooting. :confused:

It is using Vienna Ensemble Pro - I set up three automation parameters in VEP 7 server - these then show up in Cubase and I edit the name of one of then to be much shorter.

How would I eliminate corrupt prefs as a cause ?

But there is also serious Bug issue with Qcontrols not saving their settings when enabling/disabling track etc.