Renaming Quick Controls Cubase 13

How do you rename quick controls in Cubase 13 (not the preset names)? We’re setting up new templates and I can’t figure it out - double clicking the QC name just edits the parameter data… For now I’m setting up quick controls in Cubase 12 since there is no more access to all 8 without setting up dummy entries, naming and then copy the presets to the C13 preferences folder . Thank you.

I’ve not picked up on this, but looks like they’ve removed it without mention, the manuals display a difference so it seems quite deliberate, too.

The final paragraph has been removed which relates to renaming QC’s:

Quick Controls (Cubase 12 Manual)
Quick Controls (Cubase 13 Manual)

Pretty poor to be honest, to drop something like that as part of an ‘improvement’.
I don’t know if previously saved presets will recall with renamed QCs? Not near my machine to check right now, but will later.

Hi, as a workaround you can change the parameters’ main labels inside the Remote Control Editor, though I do understand too that this is not as straight forward. Maybe this was done in order to have a more structured way of dealing with QCs, i.e. to not let the very same QC have different name per project. Just a speculation.

Hello my friend, from what I see here, no.

Thanks! Yes they pull up fine in 13 once they’re named and a preset is made in 12 but it is a strange regression for sure and complicates things here for sure. Quick controls should be “Quick” right? Don’t understand this move at all.

Yes thank you, we use the remote control editor quite a bit these days. We have custom built ones with foot pedals on 7 and 8 which complicate things even further on Cubase 13.