Renaming the Exe File , Can it be done ?

Since i have updated to Cubase Elements ,from LE AI ,

I noticed the Exe file is still called LE AI ’ which bugs the S*** outa me ! :cry:

So is it possible to change the (Exe) too Cubase Elements 10.5.12
instead of Cubase LE AI Elements … as long has i change the desktop short cut icon to. :question: :question: :question:

I’m on the first rung of the ladder of Cubase & want to leave LE & AI well behind !
& yes i know its (Trivial) :mrgreen: Thanks Majestik Monkey

It can certainly be done, but I doubt, you will have much fun with the next update then…

Do You mean if i update to future updates of Elements :question: constantly Renaming :exclamation:

I would like to Upgrade to Artist but i am still using Win7pro & have no Dongle key as yet ’ :astonished:

Hmmm i may just leave it until i get a new system & Upgrade to Artist . Many thanks for your reply Sven :wink: