Renaming Tracks and Midi Editing

Hi all. Please forgive me if this has been covered somewhere in the forum … I looked and couldn’t find anything about it.

One problem that I am having is renaming audio, midi and instrument tracks. Double clicking on the name in the controls area of the track does not work. The only way I can do this is to double click on the track name in the inspector. The manual specifically says that this can be accomplished either in the inspector on in the track controls area.

The second problem is how to edit a midi track. Double clicking on a recorded track does not open up an editor, as I believe it is supposed to.

I’m using an iMac, 32G memory, Cubase 9.5.50

Any help with this is very much appreciated.



It seems, you have the known “double-click issue on Mac”. What mouse do you use? Any Apply mouse? Try to use any common (basic) mouse, please.