Renaming tracks bug

Hi. The first time I rename a track, the existing name is inserted into the renaming field to type over/edit. But for subsequent renamings, the name of the track is missing from the renaming field, and so the whole track name must be retyped. I believe this is a bug.

It works here as intended. The name of the track is not missing upon subsequent renamings.

  1. rename the track by double left-click. That prompts the Windows highlight ready to rename.
  2. rename the track and close it. (no highlight)
  3. double left-click that same track prompts a highlight to rename again.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Double left-click on an iPad with a touch screen? I’m not using a mouse.

Hi @novelty,

Thanks for your message.

Are you able to provide a short clip which shows the steps and issue?

& stay well,

Thanks, Lars.
Steps: (1) Project is opened, select Track 1 with a tap. (2) Single tap on track name. Dialog has populated the name field and with the current name and selected the text. I type the new name an tap OK. (3) Single tap on Track 2 to select it. (4) Single tap on track name to open the dialog. This time, the name field is empty.

Hi @novelty,

Could you please check if the problem disappears when relaunching Cubasis?

& stay safe,

Hi, Lars. Yes, if I relaunch Cubasis then tapping on the track name opens the Rename dialog and it works correctly, but only for the first time. After renaming one track, the track name is no longer inserted into the renaming text field on subsequent tries (same or different track). So relaunching resets it, but it still only works once.