Renaming VST Instruments in Play

Is it possible to rename VST Instruments?

It is not helpful to see 06. Vienna Ensemble Pro Event Input when making track assignments. Clicking on the pencil icon (which I assume means “edit”) does nothing. Also, clicking on an instrument will select it for deletion but the click does not highlight the entry in the list.

There is no documentation for the Play tab.


I’d love to be able to do this as well.

Unfortunately, no, at the moment you cannot rename VST instruments as they appear in the panel in Play mode, but I will make a note of this for the future.

Hopefully this will, when implemented, have an effect on the Mixer as well. When working with large forces and VSTs other than Halion, things get messy, since the mixer isn’t always able to pull correct and descriptive names for each track.

I would also really appreciate this facility to edit the name of VST instruments.

At the moment I am using MOTU MachFive3 for drum kit sounds, so I have a separate player/stave fore hihat, snare, bassdrum, ridecymbal, on channels 1,2,3,4 in the MF3. It would so much easier if I could label that ‘drums’ instead !

Putting in another request for this feature. For those whose VST panel is filled with many instances of the same instrument (e.g. Kontakt), being able to give them custom names would be a significant improvement in workflow and speed.

At least, please give us tooltips that display the full name.


The ability to reorder the items in the VST Instruments panel would be great, too.

You can rename them: go to the Endpoint Setup dialog.

Brilliant! Thank you!