Renaming with a leading space

I have been unable to figure out how to use the renaming batch tool to rename a portion of the file name with the first character being a space. e.g. new_tunemaster to “new_tune master”. I think utilizing a regular expression will do this but was unable to get it to work correctly for me.
Has anyone done this?

FWIW, I have been able to add blank spaces when using the naming scheme when rendering files. I haven’t tried in the batch reaming tool.

Do you mean you have many files with the pattern “tunemaster”? Batch renaming makes sense when there is a number of file that justify the tool, rather than doing the renamings manually. This means, there must be a clear pattern to match… what is your pattern?

No it’s just an example. I figured it out. It just seems exceedingly difficult to set up a simple renaming process… It’s easier using the “Finder” in macOS.