Renaming with Project Logical Editor

I’m trying to name multiple tracks/channels "something + 1,2,3… I created the transform naming function (see below) and it works fine except on all my stereo in instrument outputs from Groove Agent 4. On those stereo buses it skips a number for each bus. Stereo audio channels get named sequentially as I would expect. Any clues or another way to do this?

picture of screen:

For renaming there is a feature to number built in - to complement what you do in PLE maybe:
a) select tracks to rename
b) end name in first with a “xxx 1”, where xxx is name, and the rest should get sequential numbering.
c) if you want clips to follwing track naming - hold a modifier key like shift down when pressing Enter key to apply name.

I think that “built-in” function only works when you initially create tracks. When I select multiple tracks and double-click name field on a track it only changes that track’s name.