"Render" a processed audio quickly ...

Hi, is there a function to render a processed audio event so I can lay it on the Groove Agent ? Til now the only way I can do it is the incredibly longish task list to :

solo the track
shift / g the event
set options
open pool
find / drag on GA

if there was a “render” that would process the processed audio as is, then it would be 1 shortcut and then drag onto GA

Any ideas around ?


Hi Frank,

If by a “processed” audio event you mean something you have effected offline via the Audio --> Process menu (or Audio --> Plugins), then you can just bounce it: Audio --> Bounce Selection. I strongly suggest setting up a hotkey, you’ll use it all the time. You can also use “Freeze Edits” if the only thing you’ve done are things in the Process submenu.

If however by “processed” you mean added inserts or sends, you will have to use the Export Audio Mixdown dialog.

The manual will have something on this if it exists. It will be quicker than asking here.

ok, thx for the exact info I needed with “Bounce” and “Freeze” … no wonder I didn’t find anything in the manual with “rendering” …