Render and hide and make inactive

Hello, is there a way to make a macro with:
Render in place
Hide and make inactive

I can’t find the function in the keys command.
Can you help me?


Hi Frederick,

Answer 1: Yes
Answer 2: Yes

Additional info:

First step: Ceate macro with name like

  • Disable and Hide Tracks
    • Edit - Select None
    • Edit - Select All on Tracks
    • Edit - Mute Events
    • Audio - Disable/Enable Track {works also on MIDI track}
    • Channel & Track Visibility - Agents: Hide Selected Channels/Tracks
    • Edit - Select None

Second step: Create macro with name like

  • Render MIDI/Audio and Disable and Hide
    • Automation - Hide Automation {just in case; it might spoil step 4}
    • Edit - Select All on Tracks
    • Render in Place - Render Settings… {you may want to type a new name}
    • Project - Select Track: Prev
    • Disable and Hide Tracks {this is the new macro from First Step}

Third step: Create Key Command for the second macro.

Fourth step: select the track to be rendered and use key cmd.

It works for me (Nuendo 12, macro called inside macro).
Maybe it is possible to improve, don’t know.
Text like this {text} is of course not part of the macro.

Good luck,


Oh!! Great! Thanks a lot! It works well!

Say you want to make a similar macro for midi tracks in a big template, where:

  1. Vepro slave server instance containing many VSTi has 48 audio returns into the DAW
  2. all vsti sharing these bus returns eg Ch1-12 = Strings Lo, Ch13-24 Strings Hi, Ch24-36 Solo Strings etc

Using the Render in Place for one of the midi tracks in the DAW, apart from taking a very long time, renders all 48 return busses! Where I would only use a couple of them.

There is a key command for Export Audio Mixdown but no way of automating the settings within that function like single track, selected track etc

Is there a way to macro this?