Render, and reverse reverb effect

Is render an option that is only in Pro, I have elements? I am trying to do a reverse effect with reverb that, in theory, should be really easy, but I can’t figure out a wat to do it with out saving and exporting one sample in a session, and loading the audio into another session… I’m getting frustrated because everybody seems to assume I know all kinds of things I don’t, and I haven’t been able to get any real help, which would be greatly appreciated.

Indeed, it seems that the Render in place feature is not available in Elements version.

But you can get more or les the same result, using the Edit > Freeze/Unfreeze command, which can be used with either Instrument or Audio tracks. Additionaly, it allows you to set the Tail size, before proceeding. The audio result is available in the \Freeze subfolder of the project one, as a .wav file (with a Windows based system, at least). This, in case you would like to do further audio processing on it.

Alternatively to Freeze you can use Bounce Selection. I guess that is ore comfortable as you will be asked to replace the old event with the new event.