Render (as loop = Ableton, 2th Pass render = Reaper +Logic)

when will this feature be implemented? Why doesn’t any of the developers think about the sound designers who really need this functionality, as it is implemented in Ableton Live? Is it that difficult, or do you not care about the requests of your users who have been using your software since the 3rd version?

Render as Loop: This is when you render audio and your instrument has delay effects, then with this function, the tail of the effect is mixed with the beginning of the loop, and when played back in a loop, everything sounds perfect without a sudden cut-off at the end of the loop.

I’ve created a macros for myself that renders a track (the render needs to be set up in advance to render with a tail of 4 bars) onto a new track, normalizes the resulting loop, and trims the tail to the far right locator. Then all you need to do is drag the trimmed tail onto a new track, at the very beginning. It sounds like “Render as loop” in Ableton, “2nd Pass Render” in Reaper, and similar to Logic. I still don’t understand why this function isn’t available here. It’s very frustrating and prevents me from fully switching to Cubase.
Thank you.

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