render Audiomontage as mp3 files with Metadata

I have an issue when I want to render an audiomontage as mp3 files with Metadata.
The Metadata should contain: Title, Album, Lead-Perfomer, Tracknumber,Picture as ID3 v2

When I export/render each clip individually this works fine. However when I render/export it as an audiomontage I do not get the Tracknumber and the Title shows the Tracknumber+Title
Here is my setting

What am I doing wrong?
Another question I have is: Is it possible with an audiomontage to have a cover picture for each title an not just one for the whole album?

Would really appreciate your hints and help

Thanks in advance

I’m not quite sure I understand the problem. You can’t really render/export “as a montage”. You can render files of each song as WAV/mp3 etc, you can render the full montage as a single file, a selected area as a file etc, or a DDP for example.

It could be your metadata settings, or it could be your render settings. Can you also explain more about how you render? What is the render source? Clips, or CD Tracks? I always do CD Tracks and also, make sure your settings look like this in the metadata tab:

If you want to download and inspect my full metadata preset, you can do that here:

So, please also share a picture of your render settings and markers tab to be sure we can help.

Also, there is no way to have “per song” artwork. In the rare cases a client asks me about that, I just manage it with a 3rd party tagging app.

Hello Justin,
thanks for your reply and your hints on how to overcome the problem.
I tried what you explained to me but it didn’t help
Here are my settings:
The CD-Wizard with CD-Text

The export / render setting
And the result:

As you see there is no title and the index is always 0

Not having the Cover for each title is not a big issue. I’ll can also use another tool for that.
Hope you can show me what I am doing wrong.


But what is your “Render Source” on the left side of the Ribbon Tab? I have a feeling it’s because you’re rendering as Selected Clips instead of All Regions/CD Tracks as you see here:

Hello Justin.
Strange! I cannot get the same settings you show on your picture.

Here is my setting.

With that I get a mp3-file for each clip in the montage.

No idea what’s going on

Hello Justin
now I found the source of the problem
I had not set the export-option for rendering correctly
Strange that there is another setting that can be found in File > export > Rendering
Now it works as expected.
Thanks for your assistance and have a good day

No problem. It looks like you use a different window than I do for rendering, and also in a different language :slight_smile:

So, it’s a little hard for me to be sure but just make sure you’re rendering “CD Tracks” instead of clips. I think that WaveLab needs you to render “CD Tracks” for it to know what track number it is.

Clips and tracks can be very different things in terms of lengths. I always render as CD Tracks so that the spacing between the songs and the spacing between the markers and clip boundaries are perfect and the song spacing is the same even if I render a DDP, or mp3/WAV of each song.

Hopefully this helps you now.