Render CD tracks bug?

This kind of looks like a bug to me. I have CD markers (only), select to render them, and get this error. Selecting clips instead of CD tracks works. Also, I’m not understanding what the letters are below the source…?

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.04.46 AM.png

It looks like you are trying to render CD Track Group A but you have probably not assigned any CD Tracks to a group in the “CD” tab. So, not a bug, just a misunderstanding I think.

I would advise to change the Render Source to “All Regions” and “CD Tracks” unless you have a specific need for CD Track Groups which need to be assigned in the “CD” tab. I personally use CD Track Groups for making vinyl and cassette pre-masters, but not for normal CD/digital mastering.

Also, be sure to use the new option in the Render Ribbon Tab that adds the space between the end/start markers to either the end or start of the rendered files, otherwise the spacing between your songs will likely not reflect how they appear in the montage because by default, the time between the markers is not included. You must selection one of the options or use CD Track Splice Markers.

This is why I just always use CD Track Splice Markers. Rendering As Selected Clips is usually not desirable for CD/album work either.

This is not the first time I’ve seen or heard of this happening to somebody. I wonder if WaveLab have rendering as CD Track Groups greyed out or disabled unless some CD Track Groups are assigned.

First: thanks Justin! I wouldn’t have thought to try “All Regions” then look for a CD Track option. Since I mostly deliver DDPs, this doesn’t come up enough to stick in my brain. It’s very non-intuitive! If you do the intuitive thing, and select CD Track Group, you get what the OP describes. I wouldn’t mind the hierarchical approach if it were consistent, but it seems that some top level items in single and multiple lists could be sub-items of others, while the one most-used in CD mastering (I believe that’s the application’s primary market, mastering and masterers) is buried, and the one we reflexively reach for is wrong.

Is this a LOF from WL8.5: couldn’t we bounce all tracks with a single click? The Multi-output options are wonderful and improved, but this very basic and frequently used feature seems needlessly more complicated than it once was. I suppose it’s potentially more flexible (maybe you can bounce with different marker types than before?), but still harder is harder.

Please consider adding a top-level option on multi and single render outputs for CD Tracks in currently visible Montage.


This is old, but it’s back. CD tracks have been put in a group, although the error doesn’t say anything about that. Looking for something definitive on this, PG? Want to export this and get it out the door…
Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 6.53.00 PM.png

I think my initial answer (the 2nd post in this thread) is still correct.

I think you need to change the Render Source settings if you are trying to render each track as its own file.

CD Track groups are for something else.

It works ok here. Render “All CD Tracks in Group: A”. (Group “A”).

The only way I get that error message is if I don’t have any tracks in the CD Tab selected to the “A” group.

I didn’t quite understand before, but the All Regions / CD Tracks option worked. CD track groups didn’t change anything for me.
I’d still call this a bug– the error doesn’t make enough sense.
Thanks very much.

I agree the error message is not helpful, because it says there aren’t any “regions” in the source. But there are. There are CD Tracks in the montage, the “source” its’ referring to. They’re just not assigned to the “A” group in the CD Tab, but there’s no indication of that in the error message.

If you assign CD Tracks in the CD tab into the “A” group, with render selection “All CD Tracks in Group”, and “A” below, it will render just those tracks in the “A” group. I don’t consider it a bug, just an unhelpful, somewhat incorrect error message.

I always render “All Regions / CD Tracks” too because that’s the way it’s been done for quite some time. Much longer than there have been CD Track Groups.

I’m sure there are more uses but I use CD Track Groups (which I think were introduced in WL9) for making vinyl and cassette pre-masters from existing montages.

For example, once a project is approved I’ll do a Save As… of the montage to create a vinyl pre-master and put the songs from side A into Track Group A, and the songs for side B into CD Track Group B.

Then I can use the render settings to render a single WAV that contains all the tracks in Track Group A for side A of the vinyl, and then do the same for side B. Then you can also use the Audio CD Report feature to make a useful PQ report for all CD Track Groups that accurately correspond with the times of the audio file.

For vinyl and cassette it seems to be best to deliver one single WAV per side and CD Track Groups really help with this. I would have called it Album Track Groups though. CD is confusing.

For simple rendering of all albums tracks as WAV (or mp3 etc), I just use the All Regions/CD Tracks option.

Oh wow. This just gave me an idea about how to render CD Tracks in multiple cores to cut down render time significantly for CD tracks with many clip plugins. Keeping the tracks in order in the final render montages so they can just be cut and pasted to the end of the first render montage. CD Track Groups. Something I have to try. Thanks for bringing this up bheller. I never would have thought of that otherwise.