Render + disable track. Macro - Possible?

here is a task: I have instrument/audio track’s in project & i want make 1 button macro to Render it with current settings, and disable previous instrument/audio
I make macro:
Render in place
Disable track

but it disabled rendered track :smiley:

i will aprecciate for macros :wink:

You can manipulate this behavior in File > Preferences > VST (Manual - pages 1102/1103) :

Auto Monitoring
Determines how Cubase handles monitoring (listening to the input signal during
recording). The following options are available:

• Manual
This option allows you to turn input monitoring on or off by clicking the
monitor button in the track list, Inspector, or MixConsole.

• While Record Enabled
With this option you will hear the audio source connected to the channel
input whenever the track is record-enabled.

• While Record Running
This option switches to input monitoring only during recording.
• Tapemachine Style

This option emulates standard tapemachine behavior: input monitoring in
Stop mode and during recording, but not during playback.

Could you insert a ‘cursor up’ step in the macro so that the part above is selected, and then that track might get disabled instead? May need an extra step to make the original track selected as well as the part… But I can’t test at the moment…


The render function does have an option to render the track then disable the original track. It is called “Disable source tracks”. There are other functions that will do other post render things to the original track. Ref manual page 452.

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or I’m blind or I’m doesn’t have this option :astonished:
Render in place.jpg

That is weird… my options in that dropdown menu shows “Keep”, “Mute”, “Disable”, “Remove”

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Just figured out that if I choose an event I get the same (2) options as you show. But, if I choose the track, I get the (4) options.

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oh. thank you! this is exaclty what i looking for!
But, strange why it works only if u deselect event…

I don’t think it would be an issue. If you highlight the track then you will get the options. if you just highlight an event then you don’t. I think that makes sense to me…

Is rendering just a portion of a track then disabling the whole track what you want? Probably not but… maybe?

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I made a great macro for render in place ,when I use external processors I would print the effect on the track so when render in place came out I use this now ,so this is what it does…I’ll put the external effect 1176 on a track and it renders and puts it on a new track version beneath it and opens the rename tv dialog,then I remove the insert so I can use the great units on other tracks…one thing I had to do is 1: put a ascii enter command on up press ( it’s in an iPad app I made) because a render realtime box pops up when it starts,so the enter gets rid of that ,then I put a tool up ,up then tool 1 just to delay the macro just enough to wait for it to start…I will post steps in macro when I go to the studio tonight…it’s a great macro…I have tons of awsome macros!!,!!

I will be posting a new video on this…here is old video

It’s at 4:15