Render each track in a Montage to it's own .wav file


Does there happen to be a way to tell Wavelab to render each track in a Montage to an individual .wav file in a single operation? I’ve been just muting all the tracks and unmuting one track at a time, doing it all by hand. And that’s fine, but if there was a way to just tell Wavelab to do all that for me in a single operation it would be a lot easier.

I’ve used a lot of audio editors over the years but I am new to Wavelab, so if forgive me if I’m missing the obvious.

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Richard Ingraham

You can do this for clips, not for tracks.

For up to eight tracks you could set the montage to multitrack mode, select a different output for each track (you need an interface, real or virtual, with enough tracks), then render the whole montage to mono files.



I don’t have Montage, so I can’t test this. But as far as I know, Montage is using very nice VSTi and it sends MIDI data from Cubase to Montage but also rendered audio from Montage back to the VSTi plug-in, am I right? Based on this, what happens, if you would select all Montage MIDI tracks and Render in Place them?

@Martin.Jirsak The subject here is the Wavelab Montage, not the Yamaha VST.


Ups, sorry…

I think this would be a really useful feature. If your just mastering WAVS there seems no obvious way to render them all out as individual files in one swoop or perhaps I am missing something!?At the moment I am rendering each track out manually.

At the moment I am rendering each track out manually.

Indeed, when you solo a track, only that track is rendered.

Please disregard. Posted in error.

Plus, the render is only the length of the longest active clip if you choose “Whole Montage” as the render source.

I have one client that does library music and I have each version of a song on it’s own montage track, stacked up. This works well because all the FX can be in the montage output (saved with the montage) and I can quickly set the Clip gain to be the same for each version which feeds into the montage output FX.

I’ve gotten pretty fast at rendering each version one at a time by only having one montage track unmuted but someday I dream of a way to simply name each montage track, and press a special render function that does each montage track one at a time but for now, I’ve gotten pretty fast with this method.

Yet, the perfect example of exactly the kind of straightforward, simple and repetitive task, software (was invented for.?) should eat for breakfast… :wink:

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