Render External Effects - audio process history??

When I go to “Audio” --> “Plugins”, the external hardware effect is always greyed out! Why is this? I want to render my external hardware effects, and then be able to edit or remove them using the “Audio Process History”.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a reason the option is greyed out and unavailable? I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. It just doesn’t seem to work.


You are not doing anything wrong. It is not possible to render external effects. This isn’t a limitation of Cubase. You simply cannot use external devices faster than real time. So if you have a song with external effects you must do a real time render in order for your external effects to work. The external effects are being fed an audio signal - it isn’t a data path that can be rendered.

It’s not possible this way??? :frowning: Real-time render would be fine with me!

Steinberg, please add this feature. I only have a few outboard Hardware effects that I use, but when I use them, I want them to be easily integrated into Cubase. The offline process history would be an amazing feature when working with external effects. It really bums me out that this is currently not an option.

Real-time would be perfectly fine.