Render function not always working

Hi PG,

This one happens almost every time I render something. Once clicking on the render button and then clicking OK it doesn’t always starts rendering. So I need to click render and OK a few times to make it work. Is this fixable?


Hi there …

Although personally I have never had this happen, my best guess would be to look for a common denominator in terms of active plugins.

For example, I have a colleague who used to experience very similar issues with another program when he tried to render files with a plug from a Duend* in the chain. It seemed to take a lot of time to set itself up for a render.

Hope this helps in some way.

Hmm, it seems like WL is not able to get ready for the rendering process and cancels it, sometimes I need to click it 4-5 times to make it work. Why to blame the plugins:)

Because of what Paul said, plus that noone else seems to have the same problem :slight_smile: If you want proper troubleshooting done, you need to give more details anyway.

Hi …

Well, in the context that this is a very unusual issue, and ‘feels’ like behavior I have seen in other non-WL combinations, I was simply looking to be constructive.

Perhaps try this: take a file … remove all plugins … now ‘render’.

Do you still experience the same behavior?

Just in defence of the previous poster, I’ve had the exact problem multiple times.

In addition to Montage becoming slow with multiple clips with plugins and plugs in the master bus, trying to click ‘Render’ will sometimes take 4-5 tries. Also even stranger is settings on master-bus plugins like Slate Virtual Tape will be affected randomly by clicking the render button. Settings on Gain in and out will arbitrarily jump to random values. It will then render with those arbitrary values. Same with UAD Manley Eq. One time out of 3 this weird interaction will not occur and I can render as usual. Closing and restarting helps this.

I know its reflex to blame 3rd party plugs, but seriously, Steinberg invented the VST protocol…

My info OSX 10.7. Current Wavelab. Standard Waves, UAD plugins…


That’s not really an argument, cause we don’t know how the spec is being adhered to by third parties. But ofcourse the cause of your troubles should be found. It’s not about blaming third parties, it’s about finding common denominators for those that have the problem. Most don’t have the problem, so comparing plugins is sensible, as taking them out of the equation one by one is.