Render group and FX tracks. And disable them too!

My project files get pretty huge, and I use the render function constantly (so glad they added that). Rendering group channels would be incredible. eg when grouping an instrument with a reverb FX channel and processing them together, being able to create an audio file without bouncing a stem and re-importing it into the project will be a huge time saver. Being able to render the FX channel alone would also be great.

And I personally like to disable tracks I previously rendered to save them in case I need to go back and make an alternative version.

Just wondering how everyone else feels about this.
Would these be useful functions? (I feel like they’d all be rather easy to implement).

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Yes yes yes! :smiley:

+1 Yes, would be a significant help!

+1 absolutely!
… also for back up purpose it is absolutely necessary