Render group?


How do you guys do that ? I miss a function where a group could be rendered as it’s done for tracks. You select locators and render within locators that group.

For the moment I need to do this for hardware gear. bus compressor, culture vulture etc… I set those on a group… But I want to render this so I can use them for other groups. To do that I go to the export window… select the stem, path, reimport it then I need to set the routing for that new trakc, manually mute the group it was rendered from… is there an easier way ?

“Freeze Groups” is on the wish-list ever since “Freezing” has been introduced (15 years, or maybe more …?).

(I hardly dare to say it - but this is a handy feature other DAWs offer since quite some time now.)

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Instead of exporting you could use bus recording and “printing” the group to a new audio track.


But is it less problem ?
create track, add a send on the group to that track
burn the track real time, create it’s output to the proper destination and mute original group ? (am I right here ?)
then you have the effects of that group burned in the new track … what If you want them copied and available than it’s a nightmare.
at least bouncing allows to do it faster.