Render In Place ABORT DOESN'T ABORT! Cubase 10.5.10

It doesn’t abort until the process is finished, if at all. It only freezes the display and is unresponsive.



This is an known issue.

Ok. Good. I also see bad behavior with the Export Audio, especially when realtime is turned off. Often the dialog is unresponsive, and at the end of the render Cubase is unresponsive.



I’m intrigued by your response. I reported this issue to Steinberg USSupport last February (2019!), and support not only were totally unhelpful (they quit responding to my emails), they never got back to me to tell me there were others experiencing this problem. I spend time working on music - I hate to monitor this forum… but whenever I do, I find things out that a simple email from support regarding my issue would have resolved.

My problem seemed to be related to exporting mixdowns that included anything using tracks running on my VEP slave. I spent MONTHS re-configuring my machine to run everything on my cubase machine - needless to say, I bounce ALOT.

But this real-time performance overload thing in the latest release now impacts me in similar ways. I have to bounce absolutely EVERYTHING before introducing a new VSTi into my mix. I’m struggling to run Keyscape, or Kontact Player 6. And it all started on this latest release… so the posts that claim it’s hardware related don’t hold water.

Anyway, any more info or a link to the correct thread would be appreciated-

Thank you