Render in place - am I doing it wrong?

I get unpredicable resuilts …

If I set up HALion Sonic SE in the Instrument rack with 16 outputs and I select the one MIDI part feeding the first slot in HALion Sonic SE and hit Render In Place, then am I supposed to get 16 rendered parts, one for each output, as a result? Should I not get just one rendered part?

All I can say is… this is not your fault :wink:. There are still some “quirks” with rendering, especially with multi-output Instruments.
In this instance, the Rendering hasn’t been “smart” enough to realise that, just because you are feeding HALion from a single MIDI track, that the data on the track doesn’t comport multiple MIDI channels. Without refreshing my memory by actually testing this myself ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), does it still render multiple tracks if you Solo the individual slot in HALion?


If you open render setup and choose complete signal path, then it should render just the part or track you selected.

Why is it like that, don’t know.

Yes and No! I tried soloing the individual HALion channels instead and it works!
It also works with 2 or more channels just like it’s supposed to with a Audio Track below each MIDI Track.
Thanx, ppl! :sunglasses:

yep, its fiddly but you can usually get it to do what you need.