Render in place and big latency plugins


When using inserts that have a lot of latency, RIP is useless as it does not compensate and always leaves “empty space” at the start of the rendering…

I have never noticed this before as i probably never rendered with X oversampling, linear phase and big latency compensation with this specific plugin combo…

Has anybody else noticed this?

-doesn’t this mean that RIP is absolutely useless?

Penny for your thoughts…:slight_smile:

Edit: i noticed this rendering flaw too late … I tried to undo some steps because i removed the latency ridden plugins after the render… The Undo fuction does not undo removal of plugins. It can reconstruct the whole track with all plugins, but if you remove a plugin, the undo cannot see that step… i am somewhat stressed out now , dear cubase… Keeping my cool, but extremely disapointed in another one of your many flaws.
I hope you get well soon.

Editedit: trying to solve this brought me to a ticked “Adjust for Record Latency” of 0 samples in the device manager.
-i unticked the box, reinserted the plugins and the render was done correctly!
-so, just for troubleshooting sake i reticked the box and did another render.
-it still rendered nicely…


What can i learn out of this?

Unticking the box made it render fine. Reticking the box did nothing. So-> nothing learnt other than that is was a cubase bug singularity that cannot be reproduced.

Conclusion: i am happy that rendering is ok again. I am unhappy that i lost my work again.

  • cubase needs a better undo.

…moving on…