Render In Place as FLAC file?


I’m looking at the Render In Place window and it seems that I can only export in WAV format because there’s no setting for the audio file type, is this correct? I’d have thought that there should be a ‘use Project Settings’ option, but I can’t see it… is this selection anywhere?

I use FLAC because I’m file sharing and it reduces the file size by 50% which is very useful for quicker file transfer and better laptop storage!!


I think you missunderstand the purpose of Render in Place. :smiley:
Its not designed for exporting audio for futher use. Thats why there is no flac option. You can export flac with the Audio Mixdown function

Hmm, I think I inadvertently used the word ‘Export’ instead of ‘Render’ or ‘Save’, apologies for that because I think it put you on the wrong track :slight_smile:

What I mean to say is that you can pick the Bit Depth but you can’t pick the File Type, at least I can’t see it.

The rendered audio goes into the Pool so IMO it should (be able) go in there according to the project settings (which in my case are FLAC at 24bit because I need a small/compact project).

So, I was looking for the option to Render/Save it according to the project settings or as FLAC… But I think it’s not there :frowning:


Ah ok.

Yes indeed there is no direct way to render to flac files. But you allways can convert files in the pool. I you have key comands or even a macro for that its quick and easy.

Yeah, cheers, I’ll have to do that. It’s more the hassle of remembering what the project settings are because I only work with FLAC on projects which are shared… Think I might raise a Feature Request in the other forum :slight_smile:


@Steinberg Please add the possibility to Render in Place as Flac. Thanks , lokotus