Render in place AUDIO doesn't work

Hi everybody!
Old Cubase user here. I got big problems with render in place (AUDIO). MIDI is ok. Nothing works that i tried. I mailed support but only get stupid answers like “Are you using the render in place function on a MIDI or Instruments track? Are you sure the right track’s output channel on which you are trying to use the render in place function is activated?”. So i thought i will ask you if you have the same problem?

Only setting that works, is if i use Dry but that doesn’t help me. I wont to bounce with FX.


What kind of problems do you have, please?

When render i get a empty track, expect when i choose setting DRY.


The questions of the routing and mute state is valid. Could you be more specific?

I take a track (where i have a audio) and on the insert i put whatever FX (reverb, delay etc) and chose “render in place” with the setting “channel setting”. When rendering i get an empty track. It doesn’t matter what type of FX i use. I tried Waves, Slate digital, Plugin Alliance etc. Same result.

Check carefully your Render in Place settings. Two examples of issues I got in the past without being cautious enough when attempting to render audio tracks :

  • Once, I got as you several empty audio events, until I realized that in the Source track setting, I had Mute souce tracks as choosed option. From which, I couldn’t render again efficiently, as the source track was muted at each attempt…
  • I also suggest to let the Use Custom name otion UNticked, as I had issues also with this one. It will always be time to rename the event(s) created afterwards…

Hi there!

It is probably nothing that you mentioned. I just deleted my preferences and everything works now. The problem now is that all my settings are missing, and there are plenty. I dont know how to bring them back without destroying everything again. I just copied the hole folder but the rendering problem comes back when doing so. I am so frustrated. Anyone know what setting in my folder could cause this?

OK. Another one that I forgot to mention in my previous post and could possibly help : be sure that the Monitor button is UNactivated in the source track header. Here, each time I try to render with this one active, I get an empty event in the audio track created…

If it still doesn’t work, yes, maybe something has been corrupted in your preferences. Then I’m afraid that you are for a patient and time consuming reconfiguration. FWIW, I regularly do a backup of all the Preferences folder content regularly for a given Cubase version, especially when I change something in my different settings : I’ve been glad that I did so, few times in the past…

Wow, that made it cubic13, thanks a lot man. I owe you :wink:.

But this makes me wonder why the support don’t mention this? I just spent over 3 ours in communicating with them which almost resulted that i was deleting my settings. So sick. So probably there is nothing wrong with my settings then?

Great ! To be factual, it isn’t mentioned in the Operation Manual either… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s the kind of things that you learn the hard way… :pensive:

Beside this, yes, I guess that your whole settings are OK.

My guess as to why support didn’t mention it would be because support has to cover all Steinberg products, not just Cubase. Then consider Cubase and it’s different version levels, the OS, etc. As you may know, Cubase is a feature-rich deep program used by many different user groups. I would assume support keeps a updated data base, but maybe they didn’t understand your issue the way you finally wrote it here, or the monitor button solution isn’t in the data base and should be added. I certainly agree an email with the standard obvious replies can be frustrating, and perhaps even insulting. However I guess from their end, these obvious replies sometimes provide a solution that could have been discovered from the manual.

These applications are simply too complex to have paid support going beyond the basics. And that’s another problem, support time being wasted by simple questions by users who are too lazy to read.

I learned to stop seeking company support about 20 years ago with Reaktor questions.:grinning: I discovered that my solutions are often found in forums.

I agree with you about the forums, there is much more knowledge here than the support probably. There is much more to be desired from the support of course. There is a financial paradox here i think. Shouldn’t support firstly focus on the simplest solutions, before you ask the customer to throw away theirs preferences where my precious settings are? We could have saved 3 ours of work, but support may think they have infinite resources and that’s maybe why we need to pay extra for every update for Cubase. They didn’t even bother to tell me to do a backupp, just renaming the original folder. I will only contact them in if i don’t find a answer here in the future.

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Here you can find an article, where you can find where is which settings stored.


I had the same thing: I discovered that the bitrate settings in Render Settings were different from those of the overall project. When I matched them then render worked correctly.

Support doesn’t know the extent of your knowledge of Cubase so they will assume giving novice answers. Could feel demeaning but probably easier to deal with than the contrary.
Also, we are the beta testers for Cubase and some problems and glitches haven’t been recorded systematically to make it to the instruction manual, therefore not being in support’s normal response routine.