'Render in place' between locators option

It would make a lot of sense to have the option to ‘Render in place’ between locators.
As it is now, the ‘Render in place’ process starts at the beginning of a selected audio event.
If I want to ‘render in place’ an area that starts before the audio event (for example at the beginning of the bar, for easy duplication) I have to switch tools to the range location, mark the area, (which can be a bit fiddly) then render in place, and change the tool back again.

If we had a “render between locators” tick box added as a feature in the render menu, all this would happen in one of two clicks. I’m sure many users would be very thankful. I know that in my workflow I keep getting frustrated by not having this as an option.

Render in place is a great workflow feature only handicapped by the lack of locators selection.
Locators have always been markers for an exported area, it seems odd they are ignored here.

What do you guys think?