Render In Place - Between Locators

RIP is awesome. But is there no way to RIP “Between L and R Locators?” In order to get all the tracks to start at the same time (to deliver stems for example), I need to add a part at the beginning of each track. A small headache. What am I missing?

Just out of curiosity: Why would you choose render in place over exporting mixdown?

In this instance I wanted to give my client his tracks all the same length so he could practice mixing. For me personally I’d just export the group outs. But for his purposes he needed the individual drum tracks etc.

Ah, ok. I was thinking post-production. It makes complete sense then.

The only thing I can think of is to start rendering short events, say a second or less, of absolute silence, and include them in templates. Then just quickly plop those onto each track at the same location I guess… would that work?.. I know it’s an annoying workaround… just “thinking out loud”…

I use “RIP” instead of “mixdown”, because you can render the entire signal path of the individual track. As far as I know, you cannot do that by using mixdown. But please tell me, if it can be done using mixdown… render in place between cursors would be a great feature, or make it possible to export track with full signal path using mixdown…

I’m sorry guys if I completely misunderstand the question here;
Do you want to hand individual tracks over to a client to practice mixing ?
What DAW is he using ?
Do you want to give raw files of the same length ( all lined up ) ?
Or…including your plugin and busing as well ? ( that is not really “practice” anymore IMHO )

If they’re only raw audio files in sync…then;

  • export AAF >> he’ll get your edits
  • batch export >> he’ll have edits and processing baked in
  • clip groups !
    They all work using In and Out locators.

use the Range selection tool over all parts first and then render in place. Then everything will be rendered in the right locations, and you do not need to create empty parts in the beginning anymore. :slight_smile: remember to specify the tail length to allow effects to end…

Thanks a lot. I knew I was missing something.