Render in Place causes Application hangs!


I love the render in Place feature - but after the latest upgrade I have the problem that Cubase freezes after a while… for example when rendering a full track of events - 50 or 60 - the process usually freezes after some time… after 5 or after 40 - it differs… but this is annoying because I have to kill the application ,reboot the PC to free up DSP cards and start all over again… I spent 3 hours that way today…



Could you describe more your settings, please? Are you rendering the whole track, or dedicated event(s)? Are you rendering just the track, or whole chain, signal path? Are you using some plug-ins?


I am rendering tracks with a Cab-Simulation Plugin (Torpedo Wall Of Sound) in the first insert - I disable eq, comp and all the other processing and then I use the render in place settings:

“channel settings” (second option)

  • no chain rendering used… just rendering the Amp/Cab sim to a new track could use audio export for this but RIP is a better workflow… ah and I am using “seperate events” to be able to just “clone” the edits from the source track.

Happens to me every 10 to 50 r.i.p
Happens on all 3 PC I use, has happened on all cubase 8 versions, regardless what plugins are used.


Could you please (just to be sure) disable the plug-in?

quick update (I am in sessions and not able to do much trial and error etc) - I started to select bulks of 20-30 events at max… this helped… as it seems the number of events does not count, I rendered “bounced” events as well - tracks of about 40 min of music but bounced to “one wave per song” - I had a freeze… but when rendering only 2 or 3 songs at one (selecting the events)… I was able to complete that task…

I can recall that I had not such issues in 8.0.10

Happened again today, this time doing a mixdown. Just hangs after the mixdown reaches 100%, had to close Cubase. but the resulting mixdown actually had completed and was written to disk. It is if as the rendering engine completes but fails to send a message, and the program waits. The thing is it is not something anyone would be able to reproduce, without doing a lot of r.i.p or mixdowns, it is really random and has it seems, nothing to do with track count or plugins used.

yes I can “confirm” things like that - exept that it is not possible to confirm actually :wink:
But I do mixdowns always with rerecording, stopped using internal mixdown 2001 or 2002… too buggy… exept for small size preprod stuff…